If you are looking to build an Eco or Environmental website, WordPress is the perfect Open Source CMS to use for your project – you can download and install it for free on your choice of hosting. Then all you need is a WordPress theme to provide the look of the site, there are many free themes you could use so in theory you can have your website up and running for not much more than $5 per month or so for hosting.

To get a more professional looking website with more features, it is recommended to use a premium WordPress theme – these cost around $50 or so depending on the theme provider. There are a large number of themes which have been especially designed for eco websites which we will list below.

In this collection we have gathered together WordPress themes which would be suitable for Eco, Green and other Environmental websites. These themes tend to be in a business style with emphasis on modern layouts, green imagery and other suitable features. They could be used by recycling / green energy companies, non-profit organisations, NGOs, eco charities, recycling companies, fund-raising and anything else to do with the environment.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection is a very simplistic and modern website theme. It’s Parallax scrolls gives off an immersion effect which merges with the overall green theme of the website. This theme also comes with HTML and JS animation which makes the theme really fast and responsive. One of the most easy to use and simple websites, Environmental Protection is a really good option for the people that want a simple environmental website.


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Bio Energy

Bio Energy is a really smart and modern website theme particularly designed for environmental and ecological content. This responsive WordPress theme is ideal for the people that value simplicity and professionalism with efficiency and speed. Bio Energy has a great and clean page layout and is really effective for creating a professional website.


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Especially designed for non-profit organizations that dedicate their work and energies for environmental causes, InCare is a very professional theme designed to help you spread your cause in a highly professional and appealing way. Whether you intend to spread the word regarding recycling, community or nature businesses or anything related to the environment, InCare definitely takes care of all that.


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Life is one of the most responsive and efficient WordPress themes. Designed particularly for environmental websites, non-profits, charities, independent activists and even environment friendly product stores, Life is a very modern and simple website theme that is highly efficient as well.


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Eco Energy

Eco Energy is a very contemporary and unique website theme. Its modern and simple design is perfect for professional business particularly related to renewable energy supply, environmental not-for-profits, recycling and organic & biology businesses. Eco Energy with its contemporary colour scheme and layout is a very professional option for everyone.


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Eco Responsive

True to its name, Eco Responsive is one of the most responsive website themes for WordPress. This modern theme is very user friendly and practical. On top of that, it’s trendy design is bound to attract viewer attention helping you spread your business and your cause. Perfect for all environment related projects, NGOs, fundraisers, animal care, environment protection agencies and environment friendly product stores, Eco Responsive is bound to impress all with its stylish design and trendy page layout.


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Repertoire is a highly professional business centred WordPress theme that has very high speed and efficiency. Perfect for portfolio or presentation sites and even simply for blogs, this website is inherently vocational and straightforward with the bold font on the main page layout. The hint of green and the leaves around the logo are what add the ecological touch to the theme, ideal for people that prefer simplicity and professionalism.


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Eco Press

An all-encompassing website theme, Eco Press is ideal for pretty much any sort of environment related websites be it for businesses, organizations, charities, movements or even environmental blogs. Eco Press has a natural and friendly page layout and emanates the feelings of goodwill towards the environment and its preservation. Not only that, with its WooCommerce integration you can even sell environment friendly products using Eco Press. 

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Eco Nature

Eco Nature is perhaps one of the trendiest environmental website themes that we have available. Its clean and cool design paired with the blue/green colour scheme screams eco-friendliness. Although the custom design is impeccable, Eco Nature comes with virtually unlimited design solutions that provide greater flexibility in terms of settings as well as shortcode options. This contemporary and upscale website theme is perfect for pretty much all kinds of users.


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Designed in a way that emphasises actual earthy tones and hues of colour, Earth is a very user friendly website that is well loved by all kinds of users. Best suited for businesses and non-profit organizations, Earth is ideal for spreading awareness about the environment owing to its powerful imagery, unique design and user friendly interface. Not only that, Earth also comes with a donate button in the header, a blog section, event calendar, event post-type and a gallery post type, adding to its practicality and appeal.


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Eco Recycling

As the name would suggest, Eco Recycling is perfect for initiatives or businesses intended solely for ecology and recycling related projects. This multipurpose theme allows the user to create unique and individualistic page designs which are particular only to this theme. The most ideal option for agencies or individuals that want to spread awareness regarding the environment and about recycling, Eco Recycling is a remarkably flexible website theme.


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Eco Energy

With its modern industrial and practical design, Eco Energy is one of those website themes that talk for themselves. Ideal for renewable energy suppliers, recycling companies or other non-profit environment related organizations, Eco Energy is a very versatile website theme. Not only its bold and very memorable design, the functionality for this particular website theme is also remarkable and efficient.


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Ecology is a very contemporary and user-friendly theme. With its blue and green colour scheme, Ecology reflects the true intentions for having an environmental website. Perfect for any sorts of environmental content particularly an eco-shop due to its WooCommerce integration, Ecology is a wonderful environmental theme which can serve very diverse purposes.


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Ecomatic is a smart and futuristic website theme particularly designed for businesses that are related to renewable energy. It is highly efficient with its two slider variation and has a fantastic speed as well. Not only in terms of functionality, the overall design of the theme is clean and fresh just like an environmental friendly renewable energy website ought to be. The slider has a cheerful and energetic vibe which gives the website a lively, professional and attractive vibe.


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Good Energy

Good Energy is just one of those website themes that gives a whole personality to the website. The theme comes with a warm and simple colour scheme and layout which is truly reflective of the environmental content of the website. Good Energy is ideal for environment related businesses and other non-profit organizations regardless of what the content is. Be it alternative energy, fundraising, organic and biology related websites, sources distribution or environment preservation, Good Energy is a wonderful option for an environmental website.


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Green Rescues

For all environment protection companies that need a website for biological and environment related projects and causes, Green Rescues is a wonderful and elegant website theme. With its green and white minimalist colour scheme, Green Rescues truly reflects the environmental content of the website. Particularly well suited for nature protection agencies and ecological fundraisers, this theme is a very efficient and minimalist website theme.


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Be Good

Be Good is one of the strongest and most striking WordPress themes in the environmental category. Particularly designed to spread awareness about causes, Be Good comes with seven different ready to use demos which can be used to spread various causes be it political, ECO, Islamic, Church or other non-profit environment related causes. With its WooCommerce integration, Be Good is the complete package for businesses and non-profit organizations as well.


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A great website theme for environmental and ecological content, Organique also comes with WooCommerce integration. Particularly designed for businesses and shops, Organique and its striking and powerful design helps you add the appeal to your content. Not only that this theme helps you create a website that is extremely simple and easy to setup and use. Reflective of its name, Organique is a very professional choice for all things natural.


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Green Earth

Green Earth is another superb non-profit WordPress website theme. Designed in a way that highlights text as well as imagery, the very layout of the page is reflective of the content of the website. Best suited for businesses and other non-profit organizations, Green Earth is a simple yet powerful website theme.


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If you have a non-profit, environmental or charity based business and you want to create a website that reflects your intentions and efforts for the cause, Gaea is a great website theme for you. Designed in a way that the layout itself talks through the images, Gaea and its powerful page layout is definitely a great option for those that take ecological causes seriously and professionally.


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