What we love about WordPress is it’s ability to empower people from all walks of life and give them a voice online, because of it’s open source nature which mean’s anyone on the planet is free to download it and use it to create their own website which can be about any topic the author decides to choose. All you need is a free copy of WordPress and then the ability to install it, choose a suitable theme and then you can start writing. Of course, you will also need some hosting which can be cheap or even free and you are good to go.

What will you write about? The choice is endless, from personal hobbies to beauty and fashion, lifestyles, health and fitness – pick your passion and just get started writing and you will find that a whole new world of potential connections, income sources and more will become available to to you.

If you are a female blogger, entrepreneur, designer or online retailer looking for a WordPress theme to power your website then this collection is for you. We have gathered together a collection of the very best WordPress themes with clean modern designs suitable for all kinds of websites.

What determines that a theme is “feminine”, of course there are no rules to this but the themes on this list feature elegant typography, suitable imagery and are tailored more towards the sort of content you would expect from a female blogger. We have themes suitable for female entrepreneurs, lifestyle and fashion blogs, beauty blogs and online stores, cooking blogs, design portfolios and may other types of websites.


Anissa is just one of the beautiful themes that we have in store for all the female bloggers out there. Not only is the theme excessively modern in design and pleasing to the eyes in general, the bright and minimalist color scheme for this theme also makes it very stylish and chic. The Typography for this theme is genteel and elegant and the post styling is delicate, simple and charming. The overall layout of the theme and all these specifics make this theme not only suitable but particularly tailored for all kinds of female bloggers. Since the theme works with WooCommerce as well, lady-bloggers can not only post but can also sell products from their website using this theme.

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Glam Pro Theme

True to its name, the Glam Pro Theme is particularly designed for all the female bloggers that love a little glamour in their day to day life. Using this theme, the glam of a blogger’s life is sure to emanate in their posts. Most well suited to beauty and life-style bloggers, the Glam Pro Theme is inherently alluring owing to its bright and bold colour scheme and funky imagery and is definitely a Pro in attracting crowds towards your blog. The Glam Pro Theme is a powerfully feminine theme which provides the ultimate boost for any blog’s popularity.


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Brunch Pro

The Brunch Pro theme is one of the softest and appealing themes for female bloggers. The little sister of the very popular and number one selling Genesis theme, Foodie Pro, the Brunch Pro theme is the perfect option for all female bloggers, food bloggers in particular. The colour scheme for the Brunch Pro is impeccable. This theme is very flexible and user friendly as well due to its font and colour options. Both the colour and font can be changed easily through the customizer. With its minimalist layout, orderly recipe index and user-friendly widgets, the Brunch Pro is the go-to theme for any female food blogger.


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Simply Pro

The Simply Pro theme is just one of those themes that can be used by any kind of blogger. Especially designed for female bloggers, the Simply Pro theme is chic and stylish with its modern and futuristic color scheme and layout. This trendy theme will make every blog’s content look even more appealing and really stylish. Even though the original color combination for this theme is elegant and appealing, the theme also has an option for customized colors to suit the personal preferences and needs of every female blogger.


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Modern Studio Pro

Particularly designed for those female bloggers that are either photographers or love communicating through photos, the Modern Studio Pro is just the kind of theme that is perfect for grabbing the viewer’s attention to the fullest and then never lets it stray. With its appealing color combinations and a unique layout that focuses more on the imagery cutting out the colors and the clutter. As they say, a picture says a thousand words and this theme allows all your photographs to communicate with the reader through photographs owing to the intricate layout.


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Pretty Chic

The Pretty Chic feminine WordPress Theme is exactly what a theme of this name ought to be. Meaning not only is this theme very girlish and pretty, it is also very chic. In addition to its delicate layout the Pretty Chic theme has a very elegant font style which make the theme very pleasing to the eyes making it the perfect choice for any type of female blogger. The Pretty Chic theme has a variety of options and allows the bloggers to use more than one navigation bar as well making it very user-friendly. However the best thing about this theme is that through this theme bloggers can make use of the full width ad-widget leaving room for advertisements making the blog more appealing to ad agencies and creating a window of opportunity for earning through your blog.


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Harper is a clean and trendy WordPress theme which is suitable for all types of bloggers. With its modern layout and intricate font style, the Harper theme is perfect for all ladies with a fast-paced life in the contemporary world. This theme revolutionizes any female bloggers’ online appearance with its trendy post-style and particular focus on imagery as well keeping the text and the images in tandem, making the blog appealing and attractive.


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Mysterious Girl

Among all other WordPress themes designed for females, perhaps the Mysterious Girl has the most appropriate name. Similar to a girl with a lot of mystery in her personality, the seemingly normal girly theme has various surprises such as a Visual Composer and Advanced Theme Options among other things. The quirky font style and the relative focus on imagery makes this theme delightful for not only the blogger but all the viewers as well. What makes this theme even more unique and reliable is that using this theme a blog can be viewed in any device with whatever screen size without any glitches. The Mysterious Girl theme style is a classy option for any kind of female blogger particularly for writing and poetry blogs.


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Whether you’re a beauty guru, painter, travel junkie or a person with simply a creative gene, the very trendy and funky feminine WordPress theme, Essence is sure to bring out the essence of your personality into your blog. The Essence WordPress theme is perfect for all sorts of feminine bloggers that want to add a little spunk and quirk into their blog. With equal focus on imagery and text, this theme allows stylish post categorisation making the layout appealing and chic. The Essence blog theme is perfect for all the female bloggers with a defined creative streak.


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Zarja is one of the most delicate and dainty WordPress themes, perfect for all female bloggers whatever the nature of their posts may be. With the lavender colour scheme, an intricate floral design and  the theme gives off a super girly and feminine vibe. In addition to the light colours and user-friendly theme design, Zarja provides all the female bloggers with the perfect mix between photographs and text making this theme one of the most versatile themes for WordPress blogs.


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Solstice is one of the most futuristic and contemporary WordPress blog themes particularly designed for female bloggers. Whatever the nature of the blog and its content, Solstice with its bold colour scheme and solid layout that hits the viewer with its strong and powerful design. Solstice provides the bloggers with more than 140 options for styling making the theme very versatile meaning that bloggers can use this theme for a variety of types of blog posts. In addition to its unique design Solstice has another perk which is WooCommerce integration meaning bloggers can sell products on their blog as well.


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Olivia is perhaps one of the sweetest and most delightful WordPress blog themes. This beautiful and simplistic theme is perfect for various kinds of female bloggers particularly for food and lifestyle bloggers. The theme is easy to use and navigate and contributes to making a blog seem organised.


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Candy Queen

For all the foodies that not only love real edible candy but put equal emphasis on eye candy as well, Candy Queen is the most perfect and cute WordPress theme. Whether you’re a professional baker, florist, beauty salon owner or just a girly-girl that loves all things colourful and lively, this theme is the perfect option. The layout for this theme is clean and the multipurpose one page design allows easy navigation along with the spunky colours and bold font style. Candy Queen also allows bloggers to showcase their photographs adding to the bright and striking colours of the theme. Candy Queen is one of the cutest and most delightful WordPress theme which is sweet to even look at.


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Particularly designed for female bloggers that have a thing for storytelling, Odyssey is a WordPress theme that allows the blogger to weave a tale with their words and their photographers. Using Odyssey every aspect of a blog post comes together harmoniously. The mellow colour scheme gives your blog a retro vibe giving an overall relaxing and soft feel to the blog. Odyssey allows bloggers to put equal emphasis on both photographs and text through the chic layout and font style. Perfect for travelers, photographers, food lovers, illustrators, in short for any blogger that believes they have anything of substance to tell to the world.


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The Voux

Particularly designed for all the fashionistas that have a knack for expressing their creativity through their blog, The Voux is the perfect feminine WordPress theme for all the female bloggers that believe that details are very important. With its stylish and trendy layout The Voux is the perfect theme for all the ladies with a fast paced life. Designed in a contemporary way this theme also allows all bloggers to tailor all the details according to their own preferences with the industry standard best Page Builder and Visual Composure which are included along with the theme upon purchase.


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Hipsteria is definitely a really contemporary  WordPress theme. Designed for the modern girl with a strong sense of expression, this powerful theme is very diverse and versatile suitable for all kinds of blog posts whether it is poetry, story-telling, travel blogging among others. Inspired from the hipster lifestyle, Hipsteria allows the blogger to show their own personality through strong imagery and a striking and prominent font style.


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Similar to the Robin bird, this feminine WordPress theme has a cute and colourful colour scheme and layout. For all the female bloggers that are quirky and unique from their personality to their blog posts, Robin is the perfect theme choice. Perfect for all the creative and imaginative lady-bloggers, Robin is a very unique and striking theme that conveys the bloggers’ personality through their blog posts. Most suited for female bloggers that are more into handmade items, cooking and illustration, Robin is nevertheless perfect for all the artistic and non-artistic female bloggers out there.


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This simple WordPress blog theme is perfect for all straightforward and to-the-point ladies that are more practical and forward in their life as well as their blog posts. Life is particularly designed to be specific and simplistic with special attention to both texts and imagery. The colours and layout for this theme are contemporary. Life is just one of those themes which can be altered according to the needs and preferences of the blogger.


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Heart & Style

The Heart & Style WordPress theme is perfect for those female bloggers that use blogging as an outlet of expression for their personality and their unique and interesting sense of style. Particularly designed for fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Heart & Style is perhaps one of the best themes for all fashion bloggers that want their blog’s layout to be not much different from the cover of a fashion magazine. The layout and colour scheme for this theme is fashionable and trendy catering to all the needs and desires of the contemporary fashionista.


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Whether you’re a stay at home mom that likes to document her healthy food choices or a working woman with a fast paced lifestyle that likes to rant about her daily life, Noemi is that one WordPress theme that is so flexible and versatile that almost every female blogger can use this theme regardless of the nature of their blog content. Noemi is a strongly individualistic theme which allows bloggers to express themselves through powerful imagery and a chic font style. For all the creative and independent modern ladies, Noemi is practical and very easy to use.¬†20

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Mokka is a feminine WordPress theme designed particularly for the free spirited gypsy at heart. With its strong and powerful imagery which is close to nature, Mokka allows female bloggers to bring out their wild side into their posts. A straightforward, minimalist and modern WordPress theme, Mokka with it’s clean colour scheme is very easy on the eyes and simple to use. The theme also has a multiple page layout option which helps reduce cluttering and keeps everything sophisticated and organised.


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Whether you’re a professional artist or just a girl with a creative streak, Vixxen is the perfect girly WordPress theme for all the crafty vixens. Perfect for uploading portfolios and sharing arts and crafts, Vixxen is elegant and creative due to its quirky font style and artistic colour scheme. The headers on this theme are prominent and catchy and the post style is delicate and artistic as well. For all the female bloggers that either want to share the recipe for a smoothie or their latest knitting project, Vixxen is the friendliest and warmest theme.


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Christina, made particularly by keeping in mind the modern female blogger with a fast-paced life is one futuristic and modern theme. The design and colour scheme for this theme are flawless to begin with but as an added benefit it is all custom made. A layout that is impressive and hits the reader with a bang, Christina also has unparalleled speed and efficiency. Google Structured Data is complete and SEO for this particular theme is fantastic. Whether your blog posts are about the latest fashion trends with particular emphasis on imagery, or a text-focused post, Christina has got all your needs covered.


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Particularly designed for female bloggers that identify themselves as lifestyle bloggers, Aloha allows bloggers to let all the viewers and readers into their lives with a big Aloha. The font style and colour combinations for this theme are cute and friendly while the post style and image positioning add even more to the elegance of the them and consequently your blog. Aloha has a distinct feel of its own and it lets female bloggers express themselves with a strong sense individuality.


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Seemingly, Cheerup is one simply girly WordPress theme with emphasised pinks and aesthetically pleasing colours in the layout, however Cheerup has luxurious design options tailored to every female blogger’s own desires and preferences. This theme comes with around a hundred possible layout combinations which means bloggers not only get to enjoy Cheerup as it is but also alter it to their liking. For all the girls that like a little spunk in their lives with a bit of glamour as well, Cheerup cheers them up by bringing delight into their lives.


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Oleander is a fresh and crisp WordPress theme designed for all the ladies who prefer keeping things organised. The theme has an inherently natural vibe for all the ladies with an outdoorsy nature, Oleander has a gripping design and colour scheme which not only organises the blog posts but also adds to the beauty and charm of the content. Whether you’re a photographer or a girl with a knack of travelling and documenting her adventures, Oleander is the perfect option for the mellow and hip girl.


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Juliette is everything that a girl desires in her blog. With its quirky font style that captures the attention to its fantastic layout and strong imagery that doesn’t let anyone’s attention stray, Juliette is the perfect companion for all sorts of female bloggers. Whether you’re a photographer, a creative entrepreneur, event planner, foodie or just a girl that loves some creativity, Juliette adds the oomph to a female’s blog particularly owing to its feminine eCommerce and portfolio WordPress theme based on Genesis framework.


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Whether you’re an uptown girl that values everything high-end in her life or a simple girl that takes pleasure in even something as small as an ice cream cone, Parker is the perfect feminine WordPress theme that isn’t just a theme. Parker has that kind of feel that makes the viewer feel that they’re being allowed access into the blogger’s life through a doorway. Parker with its unique detailing and overall colour scheme and layout that gels together, is the ideal option for all those female bloggers that want a theme that makes them feel even better about their blog.


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For the sweet girl with a pronounced introvert side, Phoebe is one of the most appealing and modern themes for female bloggers on WordPress. It is constantly on our list of best sellers and it never gets old. With its crisp and minimalist design Phoebe is perfect for both the girl next door, the extrovert that likes to socialise as well as the girl that would rather stay at home with a cup of hot chocolate and curl up with a book. Phoebe lets your blog’s content shine and come to life.


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Freyja is another one of the prettiest feminine WordPress themes for all kinds of female bloggers. Perhaps what differentiates Freyja from other themes is its unique layout which is very symmetrical. The landscape that is perfectly managed and the vertical images in this theme are very pleasing to look at and are very easy on the eyes. With its contemporary elegant style, Freyja is perfect for all the ladies that like keeping things organised and orderly yet elegant.


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For the girl that loves tea, crisp autumn weather or binge-reading Jane Austen, Maryanne is the perfect old school classy black and white theme for WordPress blogs. The overall design for this theme is simple and minimal however each aspect of this design comes together very harmoniously and gives your blog a homely and warm vibe that is not easy to forget. In addition to its unique design, Maryanne also holds a treasure of options and customisation options which allows room for flexibility based on the preferences and mood of the blogger.


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Especially designed for all the ladies that love a little subtle tinge of colour in their life and in their blog, Carraway is a contemporary and feminine WordPress theme. True to its contemporary feel, Carraway has a minimalist style giving clean vibes with the colour white and hints of pink giving the theme an overall lady-like feel. Carraway is flexible and adaptable for all the girls that need something that suits that changing moods and feelings with loads of fabulous options for layout and features.


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If you’re a girl that’s sensitive, likes things simple and straightforward, and appreciates even the smaller things in life, Natalie is the perfect theme for your blog. Among all feminine WordPress themes, Natalie has a particularly mellow and subtle design and font style that makes not only the blogger but also the reader feel calm and at peace. Its simplicity allows greater readability and user friendliness. Natalie is perfect for any kind of blogging particularly lifestyle blogging.


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Designed keeping in mind the hipster way of life, Hipsta is a unique blend of retro and contemporary chic. Whether you’re a musician, a painter, a graphic designer, painter or any other type of artist, Hipsta lets you build yourself the most perfect and impressive portfolio online. The design and layout for this theme is bold and contemporary that immediately grabs the attention of whoever it is that is viewing the blog. Excessively user friendly, Hipsta also comes with a Drag & Drop Page Builder (Visual Composer) that lets female bloggers weave their blog in whatever way they like to tell their own personal story.


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Meadowbrook is just one of those modern and feminine WordPress themes which are so flexible that anyone can use them. With its super cute and girly design, it doesn’t matter if your blog consists of book reviews, food recipes or rants about your daily life, Meadowbrook is suitable for all female bloggers regardless of what the content consists of. Particularly designed for the modern female, Meadowbrook has a strong and distinct layout with prominent headers making it easy to use without losing the elegance.


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Hello Beautiful

Built on the Genesis Framework, Hello Beautiful is a contemporary WordPress genesis child theme. A theme that allows female bloggers to not only focus on the material beauty, but the beauty within, Hello Beautiful is just one of those themes that hits the viewer with a delightful greeting and makes them feel warm and good inside. The colour scheme and imagery is floral and girly and is very appealing. Hello Beautiful is also extremely easy to use and navigate.


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Another one of the themes integrated with WooCommerce, Nancy is not only a clean and simplistic theme, it also allows bloggers to build a shop page on their blog and sell products. The colours for this theme and the relative focus on the images allows female bloggers to create their blog in a unique and distinct style that is modern and hip. Nancy is perfect for fashion, food and lifestyle blogging and is perfectly easy to use for both the blogger and the viewer.


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Elle is just one of those themes that looks more like a magazine spread than a WordPress theme. A mixture of the Victorian era colour scheme and font style and a hint of contemporary style with the post style and imagery, Elle is particularly well-suited to all the females with a unique and distinct sense of style and expression. Despite being excessively chic and trendy the theme colours can be customized through the customize page making Elle not only fashionable but flexible as well.


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Bluebird is a chic and minimalist WordPress theme that is particularly designed for female bloggers. The font style for this theme is modern and futuristic while the layout of the theme is also very bold and easy to use. Bluebird, like the bird itself, is a simple, cute and very desirable theme for all kinds of female bloggers. This theme can be used by all bloggers whatever a particular blogger’s niche is. Bluebird is particularly suitable for lifestyle, fashion, travel and photography bloggers.


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