Minimalism is a beautiful thing, stripping back the design to the core basics is a time-proven way to create a beautiful experience for your site visitors. Of course this style of design is not for every website, it is best suited to personal blogs, portfolio sites and so on – minimal design lets the content stand out more.

If you are thinking about creating a blog, portfolio or business website with WordPress and would like to embrace this look then this list will be handy for you. To get started you should learn how to install WordPress and then also think about what sort of hosting you need. If its a small personal website then a shared host such as Siteground would be suitable for you. If you are creating a business site or portfolio which will be responsible for bringing you in income then a Managed WordPress host such as WPEngine would be a better choice due to more security features, daily backups and automatic updates of WordPress and any plugins you are using.

Of course, WordPress itself is free and so are many thousands of themes for all types of websites. Here we have gathered together a collection of Free WordPress Themes, these themes all have minimalist designs, whitespace and clean modern typography. We have over 50 of the Best Free Minimalist WordPress Themes for you to choose from them – take a look below and download one for your site.


Ascetica is one of the most stylish and modern simple website themes. Best suited for portfolios and personal blogs, Ascetica has a very responsive, efficient and minimal layout, a slider for sticky posts as well as a presentation widget. This website themes comes with a great custom header and background design however to ensure greater user satisfaction, Ascetica also allows you to pick your own colour scheme, typography and font from a wide array of font styles.


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This simple and minimal website theme is particularly designed for people that want the main content on their website to be photographs like photo-bloggers, designers, illustrators or photographers. Like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and this theme is the very essence of that saying. Responsive, multipurpose and especially optimized for phone browsing, Hatch is a highly efficient website. The plain layout of this theme makes your images stand out and speak for themselves while the text complements the photos and enhances their charm.


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A very simple and minimal website theme, Origin strips down your website to the very basics. The theme comes with a custom header and background of an impeccable design. In addition to that the theme also has a lot of options for customization which includes choosing colour scheme, fonts and typography options. The text and image sections on the layout are very bold and striking adding to the charm of the theme.


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Oxygen is a really simple, minimal and clean website theme. It also has a really modern design and a responsive layout making it easy to use and very user friendly. Oxygen is mobile-optimized so you can easily manage your website directly from your cellular device. In addition to that Oxygen comes with a main content slider, three menus, five widget areas and a custom front page. For all the people that value simplicity and easy, Oxygen is a great option.


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Aura is our newest website theme for WordPress. Its simplicity and minimalism is unique and distinct which is also very charming. Best suited for portfolios and blogs in general, Aura and its simplicity has an appeal which is seldom seen. Not only that, Aura comes with a large variety of fantastic features which adds to its charm.


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Elegant White

Elegant White is just the theme that one would expect from the name. Its white colour and elegant design is what makes this theme very charming and attractive. In addition to its simple design, Elegant White comes with a large variety of features including a thumbnail for posts and custom menus in the header and the footer.


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Simple Style

Simply Style is a highly simplistic and minimal website theme. It has the perfect layout for personal or photo blogs. It is one of our newest website themes and it has a clean and elegant charm which is not very common. Simple Style focuses on displaying your content, whatever it is, in a very elegant and charming manner. m7

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Free Minimalist

Free Minimalist Theme Responsive WordPress is great theme for any designer, with clean design and minimal layout. Minimalist WordPress theme has minimalist style and mobile friendly design.

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Lightly is a very minimal and stylish website theme that has a very charming and appealing layout. The main page layout is very clean and organized and is very charming. Lightly gives your whole website a very light and airy vibe making it one of the most desirable themes for people that prefer simplicity.


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Karen is one of the best free website themes for WordPress. It has a simple yet professional layout design. Due to its minimal look, Karen is a great favourite among all the people that prefer a light and stylish look for their website. Not only that, Karen comes with a lot of features and delivers efficiency and functionality with ease.


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Editor is a very smart and modern website theme that lets you create and manage a highly professional website in practically very little time. Although editor has a really simple and elegant design, it is a very strong and powerful theme. With this theme you get to publish things in an impeccable style, a very clear font and strong bold imagery. In addition to that, using the featured posts option you can even highlight the posts or articles that you want more focus on in the sidebar.


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One of the most stylish and simplistic grid-based themes, Stacker helps you create a website that is very dynamic and interesting. This theme allows you to put equal focus and attention on both text and images with its bold and clear typography and grid for showcasing images. Although the custom design for this theme is fantastic, Stacker also lets you choose colours and the number of columns according to your own preferences. This theme also has a menu for social media links, linking social media sites to your website.


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Bazaar is a highly simplistic and chic website theme that is particularly designed for online stores and businesses. This website theme helps you create a minimal, trendy and modern website that is perfect for your business and brand. It has a really responsive layout that is easily displayed on all devices and in addition to that, with its WooCommerce integration, Bazaar helps you create a very contemporary and highly efficient website for your brand.


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Vegetta is a very stylish and elegant website theme that is perfect for creating simple and modern websites. Its header layout and imagery is fantastic and the design in general is really charming and appealing. Not only its design and typography, Vegetta is a highly efficient and functional theme and owing to its strong and powerful back-end, it lets you customize your website to your own liking with a lot of ease.


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For people that want the main focus and attention of the website to be on their work, Pine is a theme that lets them do just that and more. This minimal and simple website theme is absolutely free and is perfect for artists, photographers, freelancers, designers or agencies that want to create a simple and elegant portfolio for themselves.


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Briar is another free and simplistic WordPress theme that is not only stylish in its elegance, it is very professional as well. Perfect for blogs that post content like news and articles, Briar has the potential to help you create an amazing and professional informative website. Its blog font style and relative size of imagery makes Briar a very user-friendly theme. In addition to that, Briar is also free which is an added benefit.


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Drento is a very minimal and simplistic website theme that lets you create a very basic and essential website for yourself. This theme is highly responsive and is very easy to use. In addition to its custom design, Drento comes with various options for customization including colours and theme options. There is a column in the centre of the screen and a sidebar that opens once you click the button for it.


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Cruzy is a very fresh and clean WordPress website theme that has a really clean and simple design. It comes with two main columns, one for the images and the other for text and content. These two columns give your website a really organized and symmetrical look. This theme also comes with a variety of colour options and four different types of formats for posts as well.


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Zues is a very simple and minimal website theme that helps you to create a very organized and structured website for yourself. It is a great base theme that you can build other child themes upon. In addition to that Zues also comes with a variety of options that let you customize your website however you want.


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A minimalist and trendy website theme, Kerinci has a very unique and mellow design which is appealing to the viewers. Its layout gives a lot of space and attention to the imagery as well as due focus to the text. Kerinci has a great speed and has amazing functionality.


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Particularly designed for business and corporate use, Coni is a very responsive multipurpose theme. With its minimalist and simple design, Coni gives a very elegant and subtle look to your website making it all in all, very charming. Coni comes with a unique front page and another equally amazing section where you can showcase your content, be it services, videos, testimonials, clients and even blog posts among other things.


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An SEO optimized website theme, Reyl is a very unique and different design. Although most minimal and simple website themes seem to be similar at least in the overall outlook, Reyl stands out for its simplicity yet boldness in font. It is highly responsive and user-friendly which adds to its efficiency and ease of functionality. For all the bloggers out there, Reyl is bound to provide the best blogging experience.


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Tography is a very trendy and chic minimalist website theme. It puts a lot of focus on attention on images and is therefore perfect for photographers or bloggers that want their main content to be image-based. For all the people that want to minimize the clutter and want the maximum attention to be on their work and the imagery, Tography is the perfect option.


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Perfect for creating a very contemporary and modern website, Vito helps you maximize the charm and appeal of your website. It is particularly designed as a blogging theme and due to its high efficiency and speed, offers a wonderful blogging experience making it very user-friendly and appealing.


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Shophistic is a highly responsive and contemporary website theme. With its white colour scheme it makes your content stand out more and get the maximum attention for yourself. Shophistic has a really unique and trendy design and on top of that it comes with WooCommerce integration making it very easy for you to build yourself a complete online store for your brand. As an added benefit, Shophistic is easily customizable and requires absolutely no coding skills.


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A really clean and contemporary website theme, Kotha is highly responsive in its design and functions with very high speed. Designed particularly for travel, food, personal and lifestyle blogs, Kotha helps you create a website that lets you tell your stories in a very elegant and inspirational way.


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Morning is a really fresh and modern website theme. A child theme for the apex theme, Morning brings style and elegance to your website. It is designed in a way that it highlights the images and has a side-section for text as well. Best suited for blogs and photographers, Morning makes your content shine in a fresh light.


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A child theme for the founder theme, Unit has a really simple and clean design. Its minimalism and simplicity makes your content stand out by minimizing the clutter. For all the users that value simplicity and elegance, Unit has a speed and efficiency that appeals to all.


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Chosen is a very simple and minimal yet very bold website theme. It is perfect for grabbing the viewers attention with its captivating and engaging design. Chosen lets you highlight your content and presents it in a really fresh, clean and appealing way. Another great thing about Chosen is that it runs very smoothly and efficiently on all sorts of devices be it computers, tablets or phones.


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Apex is a very trendy, fashionable and sophisticated website theme. The best thing about Apex is that not only is it very trendy and stylish in its design, Apex also has a lot of efficient functionality and runs very smoothly and perfectly on all devices whether it is a phone, tablet, laptop or any other thing. Apex is translation-ready and accessibility-ready website theme which lets you present your content to the world in a really appealing way.


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Founder is a one of those minimal and simplistic website themes that strips your website down to the basics and cuts down all the clutter. A highly responsive theme, Founder runs really efficiently on all sorts of devices. Not only that, this theme is particularly optimized to run on all devices really smoothly and efficiently. Founder is a really basic website theme that makes your content shine.


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Maker is a really simple and elegant website theme. For all the creative people that want a website that would put all the attention on the content, Maker is ideal for all such purposes. Particularly designed for portfolios, this theme lets you present your photos and illustrations marvellously. With its remarkable grid-based design and elegant typography, Maker helps you to create the perfect modern and contemporary website theme.


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A modern and contemporary website theme designed to help you showcase your work to the world, Blask is a really minimal portfolio theme that does just that very elegantly. In a clean and fresh way you get to showcase and highlight your content to the world adding to its appeal.


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Plain Blog

Just as is obvious from the name, Plain Blog is plain and simple. However plain it may be though, Plain Blog is not short of elegance and style at all. From, Plain Blog is a very much used and loved website theme which is a favourite among all minimalists that want to make their work do the talking.


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Azeria is a really responsive and efficient WordPress theme. Here for your references, Azeria with its minimal and simplistic design lets you create a really elegant and modern website for yourself which is perfect for pretty much all kinds of content. Azeria is also really flexible and lets you easily switch things up according to your personal and business needs.


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A very simple and modern theme particularly designed for portfolios, Luna helps you create a website that highlights your content in a really elegant and sophisticated way. Its clean and minimal layout design with its super-efficient speed makes Luna a really professional website theme.


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As the name itself suggests, Lifestyle is a theme particularly suited to lifestyle blogs. This minimal and simplistic website theme is designed to ensure a subtle and sophisticated layout for your website. Lifestyle is an HTML5 omega child theme for WordPress and has a smooth and efficient functionality.  m34

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A clean gallery theme, Resi is a really elegant and unique website theme which makes images and photographs the main focal point of your website. As all good-quality image based websites should be, Resi is super-responsive and retina ready and is perfect for displaying even really high resolution photographs. Perfect for all photographers and all other blogs that love sharing beautiful photographs, Resi is the most elegant and subtle option.


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Woodley is a really contemporary, cool and hip website theme with a really lightweight and minimal design. This multi-purpose theme is ideal for all kinds of content and it comes with a really responsive two column layout. While one column focuses on the main content, the other serves the purpose of a sidebar. Woodley cuts out all the clutter and keeps what important and substantial on the website.


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As one can guess from the name of the theme, Me is designed particularly for personal blogs. This really responsive, lightweight and fluid theme has a really simple and minimal design that is chic and contemporary. Not only its amazing design, this child theme comes with a left side header, a valid HTML5 document and customizable theme settings. In addition to all that, Me is also SEO optimized so you don’t have to worry about a good audience.


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Boksy is a super simple and clean website theme perfect for all types of personal blogs. Its quirky design highlights the content and makes it the main focus of the website. Not only the design, Boksy is highly efficient as it runs really smoothly on all sorts of devices and is really responsive as well.


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Puro is a really simple, minimal and content-based website theme. This multipurpose website theme is ideal for all sorts of content be it a blog, portfolio or even a small business website. Using Puro and its meta-slider, you can easily build sliders for your website however you want. In addition to that, to ensure a really responsive layout Puro also comes with a SiteOrigin’s page builder to ensure maximum customization and user satisfaction.


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This masonry style theme especially designed for blogs is ideal for collectors or photographers. Fukusawa has a really bold and organized design which focuses particularly on images. In addition to its layout and retina ready design, this theme is also full of amazing features including five custom widgets, a template for the archive page, a gallery slideshow, gallery and video post formats and image support. Furthermore Fukusawa allows flexibility in your website due to its custom accent colour support, translation ready code, editor style and custom logo support.


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