Have you ever thought about creating your own blog to share your fashion tips or would you like to write about your daily life ? Does making some extra income from your writing excite you? Starting your own blog can be an incredibly rewarding passion – thousands of people start their own blogs every day, but at the same time thousands of blogs are left abandoned each day.

A blog can be quite difficult for beginners to get started with – if you have never created one before, it could seem daunting but that actual process is not that difficult – That’s why we have created this guide for you – follow through this post and you could soon have your very own blog and a place on the internet to call home.


Let’s take a look at some examples of Life Style blogs so you can get an idea of what sort of content is popular and what sort of blog designs are chosen. The first one is by Amelia Liana, a 20-something London based girl, splitting her time between Europe and New York. She writes about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.


A Fashion Fix, is by Hannah Crosskey is a 23 year old personal shopper and style blogger.


Candy Pop, is a lifestyle and photography blog focusing on simple ways to inspire your everyday. Created by Natasha, an Oxford-based lifestyle blogger, stylist, photographer and fine art / history of art graduate.


Coco Chic was created by Stephanie, a UK Fashion & Beauty blogger who writes about daily outfits, trends, shopping tips, design inspiration, photography makeup and more.


Hopefully you get some idea of what sort of content you would like to post on your own blog. Before we get started on the technical side of setting up your brand new blog, take a short time to jot down some ideas of what sort of things you would like to share with your readers – keep a notepad handy with you at all times and write down some ideas for blog posts – these will come in really handy when you’re stuck for ideas of what to write.

In this guide we’re going to go through, in detail, how to set up a WordPress fashion or lifestyle blog. We’ll show you how to get hosting, install the WordPress software, pick a theme, and then set up the right plugins that will let your blog shine – then you can focus on creating your own unique content and growing your blog!

Let’s get started:

How to Start  a Fashion Blog with Bluehost and WordPress

Before you can start your website, you need something called hosting. Hosting will store all your data so that people from across the world can access your blog.

Bluehost is an affordable and well-reviewed web host, so that’s what I’m going to use for this tutorial.

Register a domain name & purchase hosting

To get started, you need to go to Bluehost. Once you’re on the Bluehost site, click the green Get Started Now button.

How to start a fashion or lifestyle blog

On the next page, you’ll choose your hosting plan. Since you’re just getting started, I recommend picking the basic plan. It only costs $3.49 per month and comes with a free domain. Yeah – you can get started for the monthly price of a Grande Latte! You can always upgrade later, but the basic plan should be fine for now:

Bluehost - Basic Hosting Plan

If you haven’t already purchased a domain name, Bluehost will give you a free one. Enter it in the New Domain box and click next. Bluehost will verify that the domain is available and then you can continue.

Bluehost New Domain Name

On the next screen, you’ll need to enter your billing information:

Bluehost Billing Details

Next, you’ll need to confirm your hosting package:

Bluehost Package

You can probably go without Site Backup Pro, Search Engine Jumpstart and SiteLock Security, so feel free to uncheck those boxes. The only box you’ll want to keep checked is the Domain Privacy Protection, which only costs $.99 per month. It will keep your address private.

For the other services, you can replicate those features for free by installing WordPress plugins. More on that later…

Finally, you’ll need to actually enter your payment details. You can pay via a credit/debit card or PayPal:

Bluehost Submit Payment

Once you’ve entered your details, click Submit.

Installing WordPress

Because Bluehost knows how popular WordPress is, they make it very easy to install. In fact, you can do it with essentially one click.

Once you’ve paid for your Bluehost plan, they’ll send you an email with login details. Sign in and scroll down to the Website section:

Click Install WordPress

In the Website section, click Install WordPress.

On the next page, Bluehost will ask you which domain you’d like to install it on. Make sure your domain is selected and then press Check Domain:

Click Check Domain

After Bluehost verifies your domain name, you just need to click Install Now on the next page to complete the process:

Click Install Now

That’s all! Your WordPress is successfully installed and you’re ready to start adding some personal touches.

You can view the details to manage your WordPress site by clicking View Credentials:

Click View Credentials

Click on the admin URL and log in with your username and password to start picking your theme:


Picking a Theme for Your Fashion or Lifestyle Blog

So much of fashion is aesthetics, so it’s important that your blog looks beautiful. You can take a peek at our massive list of 50 WordPress themes for fashion and lifestyle blogs, or you can check out some of the highlights below:


Stacker Theme

Stacker is a Pinterest-style theme available here at ThemeFurnace. It relies on featured images to display your latest blog posts in a masonry-grid format, which is very similar to how Pinterest organizes its content. Style changes can be made with a few simple clicks using the live theme customizer that ships with every WordPress installation.

Details/Download Get Hosting


A modern fashion and beauty blog designed to be not only appealing, but easy to read. Theme’s content hierarchy is clear and understandable. Hollow call-to-action buttons look great on the page.


More Info & Demo Get Hosting

Fashion Blog

A clean and modern blog design suitable for beauty or fashion blogs, whitespace and responsive design.


More Info & Demo Get Hosting


Stunning blogging theme for WordPress. Specially crafted for lifestyle & fashion bloggers, Olsen guarantees the smoothest reading experience.


More Info & Demo Get Hosting


Blogojoy is a simple, minimalist blog theme by TeslaThemes. The design cuts out unnecessary elements so you can use beautiful imagery and your own words to bring your blog to life.


Details/Download Get Hosting

Elle & Blog

Elle & Blog is a clean and minimalist theme that allows your reader to focus on your content, build especially for daily or hobby bloggers who love to share their stuff, whether it’s about life, fashion, travel, beauty or just a simple personal blog.


More Info & Demo Get Hosting


Enamored is simple feminine WordPress theme. Enamored comes with 6 layout options, unlimited colors, Google fonts, and more.


More Info & Demo Get Hosting

How to Install a WordPress Theme

Now that you’ve picked out a beautiful theme for your blog, it’s time to actually install it in WordPress. If it’s a premium theme, you’ll need to purchase it before proceeding. If it’s a free theme, you just need to download the files.

Once you’re ready, log in to your WordPress account, click Appearance, and then click Themes:

WordPress Themes

Then click on the Add New button at the top of the page

Add New Theme

Next, you need to click the Upload Theme button:

Upload Theme

Click Choose File and select the .zip file which contains the theme you downloaded or purchased. Then click Install Now:

Install Now

Almost done! Now you just need to click Activate to actually make the theme you just installed display:

Activate Theme

Free WordPress Plugins for Your Fashion or Lifestyle Blog

WordPress plugins extend the functionality of your blog. For a fashion or lifestyle blog, you’ll want to focus on plugins that extend the aesthetic functionality of your site. I’ve picked some of the best ones below.

They’ll let you unlock the power of Instagram and Pinterest for your fashion or lifestyle blog and help people to share your content.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed
If you’re into fashion or lifestyle, you probably already have an Instagram account. Or maybe you follow some inspirational people. Instagram Feed lets you display the photo stream from your account or someone else’s account directly on your WordPress site. You can bring all those awesome pictures into your site with just a couple clicks.

Pinterest Pin It Button

Pinterest Pin It Button
The Pinterest Pin it Button lets your users easily share any images you post on Pinterest. All users need to do is hover over your picture to see a simple button that will let them instantly share it on Pinterest.

When you make things easy for your readers, they’re more likely to complete an action. That means more shares on Pinterest and more traffic to your blog!

Creative Image Slider


Creative Image Slider makes it easy to create a clickable slider gallery for your pictures. Let users scroll through all your images with this easy to use slider plugin.


SumoMe is a great way to encourage readers to share your posts on their favorite social networking sites. It includes buttons for every popular social site. Your readers can just click the button to instantly share your posts. Again, it makes everything super easy!

Security Plugins

I promised you security and backup plugins that could eliminate the need to pay for extra Bluehost features, remember? Well, here they are! Here are a few plugins you should install to keep your site and data safe and secure.

For security, you can check out one of these great plugins:

And for backups, you should consider installing one of these plugins:

You can always add more plugins if you need more features, but these should give you a solid base to keep your site safe and make it easy for your readers to share your awesome pictures!

Photography Tips for Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs

As I’ve mentioned, photos are probably going to be a huge part of your blog. If you’re taking your own pictures, you need some basic understanding of photography to do well. Better quality photos will make your readers happier and get you more shares on Instagram and Pinterest.

Here are just a few tips to get you started.

Choose a good camera

No matter how great a photographer you are, it’s difficult to overcome shoddy equipment. If you want to take your blog seriously, you should consider investing in a solid camera. In a pinch, a high-end smartphone can work, but a real camera will always give you better pictures.

Professional cameras can be pricey, so that’s why we’ve put together a list of entry-level DSLR cameras to get you started for just a few hundred bucks:

Most default lens kits will give you 18-55mm lenses. They’re good for beginners, but you can always consider upgrading if you want. For now, you should focus more on upgrading your lenses than your body.

To keep your photos professional, you’ll also want to get some good editing software. Adobe PhotoShop and Lightroom are two great options. They’re big brand names for a reason. Prices for PhotoShop have also come down a bit thanks to Adobe’s Creative Cloud

You’ll also want to keep your photos safe in case anything ever happens, so you should consider picking up a USB stick to back up your pictures. You might also need some extra SD cards (what your digital camera stores pictures on) and possibly a USB card reader if your computer doesn’t include one built-in.

Once you get the basic gear, you can start digging into some basic photography.

Basic Photography Techniques:


Try to maximize natural light by taking pictures outdoors or near a window whenever possible.

Take lots of shots – don’t try for a single perfect one. Shoot from different angles, with different props, etc.

Try mixing up the aspect ratio. Include some vertical photos with horizontal photos to keep readers interested. Don’t feel like they all have to be the same.

Once you’ve got your shots, you’re ready to share them on Instagram and Pinterest (and your blog, of course!).

How to Make Money with a Fashion or Lifestyle Blog

Blogging is fun by itself, but I think we’d all like to make a little money from it if possible.

One great way to monetize a fashion blog is reviewing products. Most brands love to get their products in front of a dedicated audience, so they’ll be itching to work with you. Even small brands will send you free products to review, which is a great place to get started.

You can try browsing somewhere like Etsy or small Shopify shops to find smaller brands to work with. Then you can parlay that success into relationships with bigger brands.

Once you get big enough, you can even consider charging money to review products.

Another way is just selling ads on your site. Both small and big brands still like placing banner advertisements, so once you get some traffic, you can start selling. BuySellAds is a great place for blogs to automate their advertising.


Another option is something called affiliate marketing. You can link to big fashion stores or Amazon, and then if someone purchases a product through your link, you’ll get a small commission. You can link to cool products and get paid for it.

Finally, you can consider creating your own product. Maybe an eBook about fashion rules, or a styling service. Or your own membership site. The sky is the limit!

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered a lot of information in this post – hopefully, you kept up! Creating a fashion or lifestyle blog is surprisingly easy, and once you’ve got it set up, you can start sharing your awesome personality with the world (and maybe making some money, too!).

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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