If you run a blog, eCommerce website or other online brand then you should know the importance of having great photography which fits your brand and helps enhance it in the eyes of your customers. One way to do this is by the use of beautiful styled stock photography, styled stock photos are pre-made photos of scenes of different objects which usually follow a theme. This style of photography has taken off in a big way over the last few years to the point where it’s now possible to purchase a wide range of photos and even scene generators which allow you to place the objects however you like.

Some typical uses of styled stock photos are as follows:

  • Blog header or slider images
  • Featured Images for Your Blog Posts
  • Facebook Cover Photos
  • Instagram Posts
  • Images for Pinterest
  • Use in Brochures
  • eBook covers

A lot of these photos will come in Photoshop PSD format with things called “smart layers” which allow you to add your own images directory into the photo, for example if the scene contains a picture frame you could add your own artwork, they are also used for product mockups so you could display your own work in a beautiful setting surrounded by appropriate props and imagery. You can also use them within Lightroom to edit the look of them or use Lightroom Presets to get different tones and moods.


Some great places to get styled stock photography are on Etsy and Creative Market – in this post we will be listing our recommended examples of the best places to purchase photos.

White Hart Design

White Hart Design offers a stunning selection of beautiful stock photography to help you promote your artwork, photos, titles or any other element of your business. Leave them just as they are or customize them with frames and other features to truly fit with your philosophy.


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Twigy Posts

Twigy Posts boasts a superior collection of beautiful and affordable stock images and mockups.  Help your business achieve a streamlined and cohesive look and make a real impact online with the help of these quality images.


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Miss Ollie

You know first impressions matter so why not turn your online business into an eye-catching, irresistible brand which will make your clients stop in their tracks. With a treasure trove of beautiful images available,  you can really make your site stand out with these professionally styled stock photos.


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Her Creative Studio

This is an outstanding selection of highly styled stock photography for bloggers, creative professionals and entrepreneurs. Perfect to use with your website, social media and digital marketing, these images will appeal to anyone looking to create a visually stunning online presence.


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Citrus & Cinnamon

This is a super stylish and affordable collection of stock photography which can be used to help you create a powerful online presence with ease. Each image can be customized with frames and other features to meld completely with your existing site.


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Bloom and Flourish

Stunning images are key when it comes to creating a strong online presence and they are here in abundance. Affordable and stylish, you will find all you need to build a visually powerful site.


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CGS Creative

Businesses of all descriptions will see the appeal of this amazing collection of stock images. Build your online brand with powerful imagery and this outstanding stock photography collection.


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Studio Chic Designs

Studio Chic Designs offers highly styled stock images for blogs and business owners. Specializing in desktop image mock ups, you can use these beautiful images to promote your blog and website news, blog posts, announcements, and more.


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Plums Pixel Love

This extensive collection of stunningly superior stock photos will appeal to any business owner or blogger wishing to stun their readers with their imagery as well as their content.


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Design Love Shop

Super stylish and understated, these amazing stock photographs will appeal to the most discerning bloggers and business owners. Enhance your site’s attractiveness and effectiveness when you choose these quality images.


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RW Productions

This highly styled and visually stunning collection of stock photos will help your website look polished and professional. There is something here for business owners and bloggers of all descriptions.


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Dear Miss Modern

Our freshly styled photos are perfect for bloggers, designers, shop owners, and anyone looking to create an ultra polished and sophisticated look for their online business.


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Styled by Miss Poppy

Miss Poppy Design is a boutique design studio located in Melbourne, Australia specializing in quality in logo and identity design.  They have also recently branched out into styled stock photography and have a stunning selection of images on offer..


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