Visual Composer is one of the most popular Page Builder plugins available for WordPress with over 300,000 sales on CodeCanyon and in use on over 2 million websites! It allows you to create pages and site designs by dragging and dropping different elements onto the page and letting you arrange them however you like, its quite possible to build complex pages and layouts with the need to hire a designer or developer to help you.

Since it’s launch it has grown in capabilities and improved its interface to such an extent that many people prefer it to using other page building plugins or the WordPress interface itself. Visual Composer is ideal if you are fairly new to WordPress or do not have experience or confidence in delving into CSS and HTML code as it allows you built just about any page layout you choose by tweaking columns, rows and margins and then inserting different pieces of content or other elements such as sliders, tables, tabbed boxes, images and so on. It also contains 80+ Predefined Layouts and Templates which you can use “as is” or modify them to fit your needs better.


Visual Composer works best when used with a theme which is designed to be used with it, which is the subject of this collection – we have gathered together over 30 of the Best WordPress themes which use the Visual Composer plugin. These themes often include the plugin bundled with them for free, and also make use of it to provide multiple different layouts to choose from, extra elements and styling for the default elements.

Because these themes are often more than just one simple theme, it is recommended that you click through to each one and view the available sample layouts and demos as some of these themes include over 200 different layouts to choose from.


Stack is a huge and popular theme designed to work with Visual Composer which features 150 demo pages, 290 customizable interface blocks and a large number of carefully crafted base elements. It’s possible to build many different types of website using the theme, including business sites, portfolios, landing pages and so on. As well as working with visual Composer, it also comes loaded with many additional plugins like the Slider Revolution plugin and also their very own Variant Page Builder.

Take a look at the many demo sites they have created which can all be imported with one-click from within your WordPress admin area and then customized for your website.

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X The Theme

X The Theme is one of those very rare themes that is majestic to say the least. With the powerful imagery on the layout and the strong and compatible font style, X The Theme definitely has the X factor. Users of this theme can make use of either Cornerstone, the amazing 100% front-end page builder or the reliable Visual Composer for using in X. The plugins for both Cornerstone and Visual Composer come with the purchase adding to the beauty and practicality of X The Theme.


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This multi-purpose retina WordPress theme is built on the reliable and efficient framework by QODE. Perhaps the best thing about Bridge is its one click import feature using which you can easily import designs, styles, pages and even settings. In addition to that you can also import any example demo sites. Not only does Bridge give you an amazing and alluring layout and page it also gives a lot of efficiency with the freedom to export and add elements to the website.


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Hipsta is a really good website theme for anyone that is looking for something minimal still pretty amazing. True to its name, Hipsta is inspired from the hipster lifestyle, with its unique and trendy grid-based design and solid striking colours. With a Drag & Drop Page Builder you can easily build your page the way you want with the visual composer. Using Hipsta, a very popular theme, you can build your portfolio is a super fast, effective and stylish way.


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Furnde is another modern and simplistic website theme with a visual composer and page builder. With WooCommerce integration, Furnde is the ideal theme for people that also want to sell products on their website. Built with BootStrap and powered by the Visual Composer, Furnde is the best option for all sorts of stores whether it is a women clothing store, furniture store, book store, cosmetics shop, accessories store or a hitech store.


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Inspired from the metaphor, Material Design which implies creating a visual language for science and technology, Materialize contains various element standards and principles using which you can create your website the way that you want. Whether you’re someone tech-savvy or someone that is technologically crippled, this theme with a Visual Composer is your companion for building your WordPress website easily and efficiently.


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Stream is a very clean and minimalist website theme which is also multi-purpose. This landing page/one-page website theme comes with a lot of wonderful features including bonus features worth $150. Its impeccable and unique design and layout paired with the awesome features makes Stream one of the most trustworthy and reliable website themes that is not only user-friendly but also easily alterable according to user preferences requiring absolutely no knowledge of code.


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Another website theme that requires absolutely no knowledge of coding whatsoever, Rare is an ultra-fast and efficient website theme. Rare comes with a lot of cool features that can help you build the perfect website for yourself adding to the charm and elegance of the theme itself.


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The funny thing about Salient is that it does exactly what one would expect its one word name to imply. It highlights the salient and important features of the website which is the content, while adding to its appeal and charm with the organized and powerful layout and colour scheme. Using Salient you can also mix different elements from demos (thanks to its one click import feature) and create something truly unique and individualistic.


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BeTheme is one of the most diverse and versatile website themes that we have ever created. Using the advanced options panel and the drag and drop builder, the user not only gets to enjoy the amazing custom design and layout of the theme itself but they also get to mix different elements and create a website that is exactly what they desire. BeTheme with its bold and powerful design and professional functionality is perhaps one of the best themes we have ever introduced.


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The bold and striking page layout and colour scheme and the extreme speed and efficiency is what defines Jupiter. This particular website theme is ideal for businesses, corporations, bloggers, artists, startups and shop owners. Seeing its impact and efficiency, there is no wonder why over 28,000 people are active users of this theme. Using the responsive and fast drag and drop builder you can even add to the theme and put your own twist on your website. This level of professionalism and freedom can be acquired only through Jupiter.


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As the name would suggest, using this theme you add to your theme and make it so unique that even on an already designed theme, YOU design. U-Design is modern and simplistic in its design and is very bold and straightforward. Using the free demos that come with the theme, you can even import and add to the website in your own unique way. Not to mention, U-Design is really fast and professional making it one of the best themes available for websites.

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The 7

The 7 is a really diverse and versatile multipurpose website theme. This design wizard lets users choose even the most basic settings like colours, header layout and branding and keeping in mind these choices, the theme itself calculates and does the rest of the work on its own very fast and efficiently. So in mere minutes, using The 7 you get to create your own custom unique website based on a few very basic choices.


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Karma’s interesting and bold design is one of the most memorable designs among all website themes. In addition to its professional page layout, Karma comes with many amazing features including the visual composer, karma builder extension, automatic theme updates and responsive design which are unique only to Karma.


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Brooklyn is a really trendy and modern website theme that is particularly designed for users that want to build and use their website quick and fast. With its hip and contemporary design and layout, Brooklyn pleases and attracts all kinds of users regardless of the nature of their content. Whether you’re a developer, a designer, a company or even a startup, Brooklyn is bound to impress you with its stylish professionalism.


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Kallyas is perhaps the most lifelike and powerful website themes that we have ever created. With its amazing page layout design and strong font style paired with the focus on imagery, Kallyas promises to leave a powerful impact on not only the user but the viewer as well. This number one selling multipurpose theme is not only responsive and lightweight it is also so creative and stylish that it enhances the charm and appeal of your content making it come to life. With its drag and drop visual page builder there is absolutely no coding required making Kallyas a great option for pretty much everyone.


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Total is just one of those contemporary and efficient website themes that is bound to please and work well for everyone. With its responsive design, Total combines the exceptional power of the visual composer page builder and WordPress customizer, Total lets you create your website in any way you like in addition to the amazing original website that comes with this theme.


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With its elegant and simple colour scheme combined with the fast and efficient speed of the theme, Impreza is an amazing option for leaving an impression on every viewer. Impreza has exceptional detailing which adds to the beauty and charm of the theme. Not only aesthetically, Impreza is a very professional and practical website theme suitable for all kinds of content.


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Stockholm is a very stylish, contemporary and multipurpose website theme making full use of the Visual Composer. Using this theme you can create your own customized website in mere minutes. Its striking imagery and layout is very appealing while the clean design adds to its elegance.


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This pixel perfect website theme is creative, stylish and multipurpose. Based on the visual composer, Uncode has exceptional design with impeccable detailing. Its modern colour scheme and stylish layout makes Uncode an amazing option for all the people that want to build a website for themselves.


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Whether you need a website for e-Commerce, business, Buddypress, bbpress, corporate or professional use, DynamiX is that one super dynamic website theme that is perfect for anything at all. From content that is simple and clean to content that is highly professional, DynamiX and its modern design helps you build your highly professional and efficient website in very little time.


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For all the people that don’t stick to one particular niche and want a website that is highly multi-purpose, Kalium is the best option. It comes with stacks of layout designs, drag and drop builder and very easy to use theme options, Kalium lets you create a very stylish and chic website in very little time, very effectively. Whether you want to showcase your portfolio or upload content for your agency or business, Kalium is definitely the way to go.


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