I’m very pleased to unveil the new-look ThemeFurnace website! The site has been under development for quite a while now ( as my instagram followers know! ) so it’s great to finally get it out in the open.

So, Whats New?

We have redesigned and rebuilt the ThemeFurnace website from scratch to bring the design up to date, the last version was designed back in 2011 and things move fast online so it was long due a refresh to bring it up to date. We have kept the customer area much the same and your existing login will work just fine. The affiliate system also still runs on the same system so you don’t need to update any links or anything like that.

We have recoded all of our existing themes so they no longer have a theme options panel, but everything has been moved to the built-in WordPress theme customizer which makes them a lot easier to use. We have also recoded the CSS for a lot of themes and they are all now responsive and use the Flex slider. Some themes have also had slight design tweaks, once such example is Busine which looked a little dated.

( Please note: there are 5 themes still waiting to be recoded so these will be added within the next week. If your theme is not listed on the new site it is still to be done, it is still available to download from the members area though )

Finally we have updated all the widgets so these are now standardized, each theme now has the following widgets :

  • Social Media ( many different accounts now catered for)
  • Dribbble
  • Flickr
  • Advertising
  • Latest Images

We may add to these in future, so if there are any you would like to see added, let us know in the comments.

Why did we do this ?

WordPress has matured and we no longer need to rely on adding external options panels to give our users control over our themes, removing the options panel and moving everything to the theme customizer has brought the file size of our themes down greatly and now gives you the option to preview any changes in real-time in the adjacent panel.

We believe the future of WordPress theme lies in good design and simplicity which is why you will never see our themes bloated with a million options and things you will never use.

Pricing Changes

Along with the new site will also introduced some pricing changes which has seen us move away from selling individual themes to selling memberships which include all our themes. Our starting price point is now $49 which includes access to all our themes and all theme released within 12 months. The developer membership is the same but now includes a priority ticketing support system and finally we have the lifetime plane which includes all themes, future themes and priority support for life!

All customers who purchased individual themes in the past will keep their lifetime updates and support as included in the original purchase – we are committed to standing by all existing agreements.

What Next ?

We can now get back to developing new themes, now that we have a unified and solid base framework to work with. We have just taken a full-time developer on board so we are aiming to up our release schedule to two themes per month so look out for updates soon :)

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